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Looking at the typical incision Chris eye, it is difficult to cleaning services believe that in his blood there is nothing east.Dad had - Italian mother - Irish, and he was born on March 4, 1951 in the English town of Middlesbrough.If a kid someone told Chris that he would become a musician, he would be very surprised.Even just listening to music led him unforgivably late - in 19 years.But carried away so much that two years later he bought a guitar and instead of diligently copied other artists, he immediately rushed to compose his own.Seeing a talented writer and slide guitarist in one person, he was taken to a local group, and as soon as he remembered the lyrics of his songs, it was soon offered a place and a vocalist.In 1978, Chris became interested in the music industry, and he released his first solo album: single «Fool (If You Think It's Over)» as plywood flew over Albion, but in the US gained an unexpected success, taking 12 of the charts.But next year career Chris Rea as suddenly rolled down.He continued to play traditional blues and rock, and the window is already office cleaning services in full besilis punks and representatives of the "new wave".To become fashionable conservative guitarist does not like, and later drives the audience to buy also did not want to.I had to practically start from scratch.Though Rea and fell into a depression, but the albums released with an enviable constancy, because, unlike kamco supply brooklyn many musicians suffer not from a lack of material and from its overabundance.A drop hollows out a stone, and by the mid 1980s, Chris Rea was surprised to find that he passionately loved the homeland of his mother - in Ireland, but also in continental Europe are interested.Shaking the dust ungrateful England, Chris tours extensively, where he is loved, and released the successful album «On the Beach» in 1986.Here I fell and England.The album took 11th place, and the home cleaning services nyc British began to fill halls.Many of our students are well aware of the same name of song with memorable guitar solo.While likely not hear it in marine maids the original version, and the new - brighter - version of 1988 year.An even greater success was the album 1987 «Dancing with Strangers» (2nd place), the song «Let's dance» of which became the biggest selling single of Chris pia lieb Rea.But we know with you that the main hit was waiting in nyc florist front of the musician.This, of course, is a question of «The Road To Hell» - «the road to hell."has "swept" into hell on the highway (the song «Highway To Hell») In the ten years before AC / DC, but did so with characteristic boldness and scope.Chris Rea described his "road to hell" is much more restrained, but much darker.It is understandable - because the song was born when a musician is stuck in hours of traffic jam on the M25 motorway, which has long been called "the world's largest car parking."All around it leads to sad thoughts, and in the first lines of the song there is a future ghost prematurely deceased mother, which is suitable to the windshield of the car and asks, "What are you doing here?".Hero songs says: "Mom, I came to the rich valley to sell yourself," and she said in response: "Son, you got lost and went on the road to hell."After this introductory recitative head Chris Rea sounded the famous defeat, and the image battered cars, highways turned into a global metaphor. "I stand by the metropolitan lumber astoria river, However, water build is not flowing, It boils all sorts of poisons. ... This is not a technological accident Oh, no, it's the road to hell ... "Despite the fact that the entry, and the actual song were inseparable whole, bosses from the label decided that there is nothing to bore the listener's recitation of poetry and released the single only the second part, then cut the form - part 1, part 2 - song published and still .Album «The Road To Hell» (1989) came out gloomy, with an abundance of criticism of industrial society (to take at least «You Must Be Evil» - a song about the harmful effects of TV on kings masonry young children).But this did not prevent him from having a resounding success, to take 1st place and find the "platinum" status.The album, which has become the pinnacle of the musician's career was small shoe store ... 11th in a row.The paradox is flower bloom that America american express travel center so graciously accepted the debut of Chris Rea, ignored all subsequent home cleaning services nyc famous singles and albums.Is that the song "Texas You" loved to turn on the radio in the same state, despite the fact that Texas is not presented in the best possible way ("The world cosmetic dentistry nyc is going crazy ... All we roll in Texas").However, over the US, Chris is not particularly steamed himself - it was enough for European success.The album - «Auberge» (1991) - secured the success of flower designs the previous release (1st place in the UK) and contained two more big hits.The first - titled «Auberge» - slowly opens and fun whistling sounds winding machines, personally, I do believe the best song of Chris Rea. Chris Rea: «Auberge» is currently in France is a tavern, this is something rather low, not very lofty, in France it is not very romantic place. For the French Tavern - is a place where they can stay, if you can not get home in time, so they are not particularly great concern to such institutions. But for the British attractive certain romanticism in this word and its translation comes down to the place of temporary rest, and this is what came to me after the album "Road to Hell".As you may have noticed, our hero is generally uneven breathing to cars.His car Lotus Seven decorates "the Auberge" cover, the title of his song - «Daytona» - this is the nickname of the brand sport "Ferrari", and Chris himself took part in several motor racing.Perhaps because many of his songs thought behind the wheel, they are so fond of the drivers?Even the dreams Ri car ("I'll never be the owner of the old model," Ferrari ", painted in various domestic showrooms").And buy a "Ferrari" Chris prevents ... the love of family.The fact that Rea travel agency nyc cell phone repair new york is probably one of the most exemplary family man in the world of rock music.With his wife he only knew 16 years, he has two daughters, but he did not feel the desire to rest from the family even on the road. Chris Rea: "As a rule, I work on the road for three days and then spend a day off at home. I never leave the house for more than i phone repair a week. Therefore, the tour cost me more than the others ... It is important that I do not do it from a moral point of view, I'm not trying to just look good in the eyes of his family. I really love my wife, and not simply state that it is. "Family and dedicated many songs of Chris Rea.«Stainsby Girls» - is a tribute to his wife, who studied in the school Stainsby and «Josephine» and «Julia» - dedication to his daughters.My daughter was inspired by Chris and the second hit album «Auberge» - «Looking for the Summer» (Looking for the Summer).Just one day, he noticed how little Josephine threw a ball to play with in the garden and looked at the world, which opened the fence.And Dad realized that his daughter began to grow. marine maids Chris Rea: "... classic travel service The main idea of the song is - the guy looks at his daughter, who alice's tea cup menu is not even ten years old, that goes, while still very young, altour los angeles and he sees how it turns out, she is looking for his summer new york botanical garden store she - smile arts of ny spring, seeking the summer, then he leaves in autumn, looks back and remembers how it was when he was looking for his summer, and in the third stanza, he recalled his wife as they both hurt each other, and both of the growing pain experienced when they were looking for their summer themselves, and in many ways he is still looking for my summer. "Having survived the 1995 dangerous operation on his intestines, Rea still continues to do what he likes and has a stable circle of listeners.Personally, I work in large quantities build it green astoria Chris Rea bit tiring.But, casa bronx ny probably, it is conservative, soft guitar sound, unhurried, thoughtful and mcnultys coffee quiet husky voice in the style of Leonard Cohen (hearing «Looking for the Summer», I did initially attributed it to Cohen), and like the masses.Quiet, pleasant, comfortable music ...No wonder the loss of the "Roads of Hell" is easily borrowed our Ladybug for annoying at the time songs about "the granite stone in his chest," and Mumiy Troll band openly quoted in the same loss "Zdravstvuydosvidaniya".Tags:biography,songs,musicians,popular Chris Rea: ode la rose Chris Rea: Chris is very upset too banal and glamorous video captured on Even the Soviet firm my clean cleaning service Chris Rea: Chris Rea: Chris Rea:

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